I love these buffers :P Anyway. This morning, my mom sent me this text, which if I’m completely honest, is really making me feel a little uncomfortable and questioning everything today:

ETA: This morning she also said “you look like a boy...no wait, you look like a crossdresser”. So yeah...

I had to delete yesterday’s post because Kinja was being Kinja and would not let me bump it (Kinja claimed I already did...wat). So here’s a new one that looks like it’s an update!

After getting that text, I started feeling really bad and kinda just attacked my hair with a brush (in a destructive manner). When the hair settled, I got this hairstyle. I kinda just left it that way and brushed it back down so I didn’t look like a hot mess.


My new necklace (my mom bought it) also broke, so meh. That’s why I make my own necklaces anyway. That heart necklace is like over a pound. Purty sure I can break a window with it. lol

So this is me today:


No matting, and the part is gone. I like this style more.

I’m still going to get it professionally styled this weekend. I just...don’t want to put the wig back on until then.


But now thanks to my mom, I don’t see myself as a woman anymore. Soooo...

A) Continue wearing real hair - feel like a boy, possibly *look* and be seen as a boy.

B) Put on the wig - feel tons of dysphoria (more so than feeling like a boy)...but know I pass.


At least in better news, Miss Tesla and I have our first double date tonight with my bestie and her hubby, so I’m very excited for that :)