Or, for anywhere that matter, because interacting with other people when you have PTSD is hard (very hard!). Even harder when you have gender dysphoria. Combine the both and it’s lovely.

Here’s kind of what it’s like. Imgaine, say, for example, I don’t know (I’m just riffing off the top of my head here), your skin was different color from everyone else’s. And the very fact of your skin just being a different color made you get treated differently. Like you couldn’t even get the same job. That would be weird, right? That seems like a thing every other decent human being would think was fucked up. You’d think! And that would be so weird, wouldn’t it?

But then, the culture grabbed on to your thing. So, it’s not cool to be uncool anymore, right? Except, it is.

And it’s subtle! It’s not like things are worse than they used to be, because...they’re not! They’re just still not the same for us as they’ve always been for you. And that’s precisely (and the only) reason you don’t see it.

If only there were some longstanding thing in American culture so we could all relate to how fucked up things are today......

We saw it for a minute! But then the blackish president left office and now we’re all bllrgghh....


You saw the difference. You didn’t really feel it, though. Obamacare means I’ve gotten to transition. I’d be dead now otherwise. Literally. Goddess bless him. And Michelle.

There are so many others of us (hard working Americans!), who still suffer and...no one fucking cares.

No one has ever cared. E’en before gummit started giving a shit about black folk. If this was about white folk then john steinbeck woukd have stayed in the biology lab. We read Steinbeck in 11th grade and then we go out into the world as if it’s mythology or something.....


It’s almost as if Eisenhower himself gunned down actual war veterans. (Oh wait, that actually happened. Look it up...)

((Promise to mods: I will keep my rants to replies in this single post. But it’s been over 100 years. There should be at least 10 posts a day ranting about this shit....))

Fuck this country (yes, the one I served in wartime). I just hope I can talk my son into moving to Canada (where he also has citizenship) or Norway or Denmark or some shit.....