Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I turned on the toaster and ruined my life.

Ok that may be a bit dramatic, but everything audio and possibly visual is now fucked.

It innocently enough started with popping one of those little frozen hash brown pucks in the toaster oven (single serving size I <3 you). Everything was fine toasting side one, but once I flipped it and turned it on again a big bight POP happened. The toaster was dead, and the computer was restarting itself. wtf? Ok. Whatever, everything seems ok, I think. But then when I went to listen to something on you tube, no sound. Tried to play music, nothing. Turned on the tv to see if DVD's would work, and the TV is fucked as well. It was not even turned on when this happened.


I was not too worried until Mr.Tits came home and found that the toaster ruined pretty much everything. Thank dog I have media in the bedroom because a silent house is enough to make me breath into a bag and drink a whole bottle of vodka. I don't like quiet. It's fine if I'm hanging out here in GT, but I have shit to do.

And this is where I discover that I'm afraid of silence and my thoughts. Fuck.

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