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I typed up a whole thing and I deleted it

Summary: I'm getting married, I have a bridesmaid-zilla, awful things are being said and going back and forth in email. There are two strong personalities, one is railroading over the other girls (and me to some extent) and the other just told her she needs to cut it the fuck out. I've just been CC'd on by another bridesmaid because she is worried about how things were going.

So now the zilla wants to meet up tomorrow. I just read everything and am feeling... less disposed towards this conversation.


Help? How do I get passed this? I have a feeling this conversation is not going to be about moving forward, it's going to be an airing of grievances. I don't disagree with anything that's been said to this woman, though it might be more to-the-point than I would have been. However, she hasn't listened to me when I've been more circumspect in trying to address the same issues; this might be the only way she would have heard that she is being unkind and thoughtless.

I just poured myself a drink. Advise me, Jezebels, because my initial instinct, to cancel the wedding, is not the best course of action, nor is it entirely possible at this stage of affairs...

ETA: she does not know that I have read all the emails at this point. She's told me about an "awful, hurtful diatribe" which I have read and is actually a fairly balanced and mild suggestion for moving forward.

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