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I unclogged my sink!

I am so proud of myself!!!

Mrmonster and myself live in a shared house with our friend / landlord (she owns the house) and her brother. Our friend has a new boyfriend and has basically moved into his house (pretty much all her stuff is gone). So she is never here to ask about things, or how to do things, or if she could please do things.


The bathroom sink has been ridiculously clogged for months. It has been driving me crazy. I use a menstrual cup and I need to wash that thing out in the sink. It was clogged so badly that it would take a literal 10 minutes to drain, so the leftover contents of the menstrual cup would end up sticking to the sink and drying onto it (EW)

Our friend / landlord understandably did not want to use draino (bad chemicals yo) so kept trying the baking soda / vinegar combo. It was not working.


I was very sure that the pipes were just super clogged with hair and whatnot and the stopper just needed to be removed to clean it out. Unfortunately the little metal piece wouldn't screw off so I could just clean it easily.

I watched this youtube video and took apart the stopper from the pipes and cleaned it all out and now it works like a charm!

High fives all around!


ETA: for grammer and clarity

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