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I unknowingly fucked a married guy...WHAT DO I DO??

So here's the context. This guy on OkCupid messaged me and was super cute and seemed nice so I decided to meet up with him. We went back to my place, did the deed (which he was REALLY good at) then decided to keep it "casual."

Two weeks later...Today rolls around. We'd kinda been in contact but not much since I started seeing this other guy seriously. I saw that original guy had deleted his OkCupid, though. Weird...I decided to google him. The second entry is "[original guy] & [some girl] wedding registry."


I think..well his name is pretty common. Let me dig a little deeper. Apparently the girl whose name is attached to the registry is in the same PhD program as original guy. Too big a coincidence. It's decided he's married. I dig a little deeper still. Find his wedding photographer on facebook, who posted their wedding photos on her blog. There it is. Confirmation. He got married one year ago and there's photographic evidence.

So my question is...should I tell his wife? I found her on facebook. I've already sent a wedding photo to original guy with the caption "interesting" over text so he knows. (and hasn't responded)


My friends say no because it was a one time thing but ...at the same time... I would want to know if I was in her place. I mean, I have receipts from OkC and texts even though he deleted his profile.


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