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I Use Social Media to Get Companies to Respond

So a long blog post will be written eventually on the ridiculous efforts I've had to endure just to get birth control. Maybe next week.

The latest has been the insurance company that forces routine prescriptions to be filled using their mail-order system. Long story short, they totally screwed up the transfer process from CVS. My doctor's office was able to help a little by sending a brand-new prescription to them, but the insurance company said I wouldn't receive it for another week.

I need to apply my new patch Monday night. Next Thursday won't work.

The phone rep was entirely unhelpful, unsympathetic, and blamed me & my doctor's office for their failed computer system.


So I complained on Twitter, tagging the insurance company. They tweeted back at me, apologized for my problems, and asked me to email them. So I did. Half an hour later, I receive a phone call from a sympathetic, apologetic rep who didn't exactly accept responsibility for their screw-up, but said she didn't know what went wrong exactly and apologized for my troubles. Then she told me she was personally following my order, would expedite shipping, and if it looked like my delivery would be later than Monday afternoon, she would manually override the system so I could fill my prescription locally without paying a penalty.

Oh, okay, so you actually CAN help me, but only if I publicly complain about you first.

I only wish I could do the same thing with Beau's employer, whose HR department is siding with the insurance company and insisting the insurance company poops diamonds and rainbows. But while my husband still works there, I can't use the same public shaming tactics without fear of retaliation.

The sad thing is, this company has more money than they know what to do with. They pay their employees and their contractors very well. But their management system is horrible, their HR department is horrible, and they're somewhat accurately banking on the fact that people will suck it up and stay for the money.


On a related note, if anyone knows of any good jobs for civil engineers in the oil industry, let me know. We're thinking about moving next summer, when our lease is up. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that our landlord would only give us a 12-month lease, when we wanted 2-3 years.

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