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Welcome To The Bitchery

Some of you may know that this coming Sunday is National Grilled Cheese Day. Others of you may know that this coming Sunday is the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones. So I decided that for the premiere I would make a GoT inspired grilled cheese flight.

I sort of toyed around with several themes, doing places, characters, people who died last season, etc, but ultimate settled on the Stark children for my inspiration. Behold below, the fruits of my labor, which I will attempt to create on Sunday. I'm not sure if the photo is big enough, so I'll also post the text below. (I mention two places that show has not mentioned yet, but I don't believe they're spoilers.) I'm not a creative person (that all went to my sister), so I'm like overly proud of myself here. :)

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Jon Snow's The Watcher on the Wall

Snowfields & Mimolette with kissed-by-fire tomato tapenade

Robb's Red Breading

Spring Brook Raclette (Robbclette?) and strawberry rhubarb jam

Arya's House of Black and White

Prairie Breeze white cheddar with fig and black tea jam

Sansa's Love of Lemoncakes

Fresh mozzarella and feta with lemon zest and basil

Bran's Green Man

Cantal Entre-Doux with avocado mash and bacon

Rickon's Wait, Who??

This sandwich is probably somewhere on Skagos (or not).

(If anyone has permissions on O-Deck and feels this is worth sharing, please feel free.)

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