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I Voted So Crowded And Comic Book Question

I voted at 11:15 there was a line but some guy was directng folks to lines dealing with folks last names. Did you know T to Z there are few? A to D had the longest line.

I voted. I was 2069. This is a ward that gets maybe 600 at most other times.

We went shopping. My mother got a Burger King Hotdog while I got noodles at the mall.


We went later to a thrift shop. Books are overly priced. My least fav thrift shop.

I saw three books Beano and Dandy were two of the titles. The third was Dandy Annual 2007.

My first thought was “wth” this has to be some right wing fundie rag. The word Dandy is such a slur. Also Beano is another word for Bingo (not sure if there is a connection).


So I perused the 2007 Annual. It seems like a Mad Magazine collection  wannabe from England. Except seemed more juvenile and not funny. At $2.99 I passed.

Anyne familiar with this comic? Is Dandy not a slur in England or is there a different definition.

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