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I'm not a mother. But I really want the Glossybox Mother's Day Special Edition box. But... it's $40. That I could spend on something not beauty related. Or save. Or invest! Or do literally anything else with. But... I wants it. So far I know that there will be the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer (I don't even know what that IS, and I WANT it), and the value of the box will be somewhere around $230.

My mother doesn't really 'do' beauty shit like I do. For one, she's super sensitive to scents. For another, she kinda just doesn't give a shit. This has led to a long running joke in our house that I CAN'T be her daughter, what with my love of shoes and goop you put on your face. Adopted = not her daughter = we think we're hilarious, ok?


I also was already planning to give her a 'spa day' box for her birthday, which will include a ring holder that I am makin' for her myself. It also includes coconut shower gel that I got in a recent limited edition box, because she really likes coconut smell and I think all things coconut are disgusting.

You guys, I think I might have a problem. I don't even have a storage solution for all my makeup shit, and this $40 would go a long way towards solving that problem.



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