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I want a vacation from all these people

Now, this may be the sleep dep talking, but I have a sudden urge to go on a vacation on my own. I want to hole up in a cabin with my knitting and my books and my laptop and eat delivery.

A friend, who has the same urge, pointed out that she and I are highly-functional people, so we tend to be the de-facto adults for our travel groups. It's true. It's so true. Most of my vacation is taking care of the details that everyone assumes 'take care of themselves', when really, it's me making reservations and arguing with front desks and scheduling transportation and researching local sites and checking the weather before we leave.


Way back in the day, my husband said that if I needed to escape to a cabin in the woods, he'd happily back me. In practice, this didn't work, because while I assumed I'd be escaping alone, he meant that we'd go together. The one time we did this, he left me alone for a grand total of four out of 72 hours. He was bored with the games on his laptop and we didn't have wifi, so I was the new default entertainment.

I love my family, I love my people, but what I wouldn't give just to escape them all for a week.

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