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I want all new clothes

So..... I normally shop only at second hand stores. They are at my price-range, and when it turns out that I don’t really like/wear something, I have zero guilt about donating it. Fine.

I love dresses and skirts. I have started wearing leggings/yoga pants because they stretch! And they keep my legs warm during the long dark of winter. But my first love is really dresses.

And FB knows this. They know that I covet eshaki. They know that I want a dress with butterfly wings as the skirt. They know that I want long, flowing dresses.


And now... now I want to toss EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, and replace it ALL with Renaisance dresses.

Basically, I want 1-3 of each of the renaisance/celtic dresses from this site:

I want each one in several colors. They look so colorful. They are so pretty. They look so comfortable! I could wander the woods, moody and dramatic, in these!

Also, I love the jacket, and I really do kind of “need” a new spring/fall jacket...


And.... my go-to places for used clothes will NEVER have dresses like these.

But... I am 40 years old. Isn’t that a bit old to start wearing only Renaissance clothing? (I know full well that these outfits are only renaissance-inspired... I have no wish to wear authentic Renaissance-era garb).


Sigh... It’s a bit of a moot point, as I don’t want to spend that much money on new clothes.

If you could reinvent your entire wardrobe in one “style”, which would it be?

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