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I don't know if this is a class thing - seriously, you can't get to a nursery that isn't Canadian Tire without a car?? - or if it's just me being picky, but it feels like you need to be kind of well-off to have a proper garden. Or at least have a friend with a car.

I know it's probably a square footage thing, not like someone has decided no car-less people deserve plants, but the result is that they're all out in the freaking country where no buses go.

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I just want to make a little balcony garden! I want to get some plants that aren't pre-potted and browning at the edges (I'm looking at you, CT, grrrr), and I want to plant them myself, and I want them to be healthy enough that they won't die right away. I want to try growing some veggies, and maybe a fern or two - no big deal, right? I would even be willing to carry this shit on the bus! That would suck! But I would do it!!


But noooo. No, says the world. No, Zokajo, you may not have a balcony garden unless you want to have a Canadian Tire balcony garden.


How are your gardens doing, GT? Anyone experimenting with balconies or small spaces? Big spaces? Show me your plants! I want ALL OF THE PLANTS and I have NONE! May I live vicariously through you?


Secondary question: Does anyone have a catio, and/or advice on how to make a balcony safe for a cat? My kitty crouched to take a leap at the railing today AND IT WAS SO SCARY I DIED and I stopped her. My apartment building has vetoed a proper enclosure. I am trying to find some pretty trellis option or something...

(Sidenote, I'm not actually whining that my lack of access to a nice nursery is marginalization or oppression or something. It just reminded me of the whole food desert issue with no grocery stores being in many downtown areas, and I'm curious if this is another symptom of that issue - the ability/access to grow your own fresh stuff being similar to ability/access to purchase fresh food at reasonable prices. I know they do sell seeds everywhere, but that's harder than already-started plants.)

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