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I Want Candy!

As we have established, I am old. Equally established is the fact that candy is a big part of Halloween. Having neglected to cover this so far, I present the glorious candy bar commercials of my youth.

First up is WigWag. Sadly I can't find a commercial for it, so here's one for Marathon, which is basically the same thing. It was a hard caramel lattice covered in chocolate. The chocolate would always flake off before you could finish it, so it didn't last long.

Next we have Oh Henry, a bar know for its bigness. I used to think the middle guy was wrestler Mad Dog Vachon. It is not.

Here's Mr. Big, with a commercial that was probably inspired by the opening credits of Willie Wonka:

Smarties are Canadian M&Ms, and they had the long-running slogan "When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last?" It seems more of an inquiry than a command.

Is Crunchie a Canada only thing? I dunno, but this was a hugely popular commercial.

Eat More isn't really a chocolate bar, more a toffee with peanuts and OMG IT LOOKS LIKE DOODY.

Choclairs came a bit later, and it was a pretty good chocolate bar, but this commercial confused me. Are the women on a date? Are they coming on to the guy?

Finally, the most WTF candy commercial of all time.

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