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Who Else Wants More Nerd HQ?

  1. Hey all. The Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to put on this year's Nerd HQ at ComicCon ends in 7 days. They are way behind on their goal. I have told you before about my Internet Boyfriend Zachary Levi and his fabulous philanthropic pursuits through his company. They set up Nerd HQ next to ComicCon in San Diego, and have intimate panels that are Livestreamed to the rest of us. They have given us such greats as Tom Hiddleston, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, and in honor of Orphan Black's second season starting tomorrow, here's their very first panel—their very first fan interaction at ComicCon:

Please watch that and think about what you'd pay to watch 15 conversations like that, with the shows/movies/movie stars you'd love to hear more about. Then donate that amount. With the Livestreams, we all can enjoy.


And again, this is the place that gifted us Tom Hiddleston's Raptor Impression.

Just think of what they'll give us this year!

ETA: the fundraising closed at midnight PST on April 25th. They raised a little over a third of what they were looking for, and are grateful to all the contributors. There will indeed be a Nerd HQ this year, and I hope that with word of mouth, this can grow even bigger and they'll be able to raise more money next year, if they choose that route again.


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