Today Zachary Levi's company The Nerd Machine is trying to keep #IWantMyNerdHQ trending on Twitter. I think they're trying to get sponsors or something. (Has anyone seen them explain why?) They have panels at San Diego Comic Con to raise money for Operation Smile. Last year, they had a screening of Serenity on the outfield of Petco Park with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. The panels are streamed live, and I've seen far too many of them. Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Richard Madden and his beautiful curls, Firefly, the Mars Curiosity Rover guys, but my favorite, hands down, is, of course, Tom Hiddleston:

They're all great panels, really. If you're on Twitter, you really ought to help the cause.

They also have parties in the evenings, open to the comic con crowd. It's generally a good time for all, benefiting a great cause. And I highly recommend scouring Youtube for the panels. They're lovely and informative and usually quite sweet, as fandoms often can be.