Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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AND I WANT IT NOW! dammit, I should’ve just shown up at the airport tonight in the hopes of its arrival. that’s it, I’m just never checking in a suitcase ever again. lemme guess, they’re gonna call at nine tomorrow morning in a fucking cheerful voice. ugh. I was totally okay with not having my suitcase for a whole 24 hours after my arrival, I was just gonna relax at home, do stuff (I didn’t really get around to doing stuff. I did sleep marvelously tho), but tomorrow morning I want to go to the effing music festival (I don’t even have a place to stay there yet) and dance into oblivion because I’m fucking miserable and want to forget and alcohol is bad, mmkay. and then I want to go to vaycay island (the weather’s gonna be miserable, I just know it) and vaycay in a lakehouse and I don’t even have a book to read there I hope festival town has bookstores. I could’ve bought most necceseties (why doesn’t this laptop have english spelling suggestions?!) today but I just stared at the ceiling (and read GT). mostly it’s the dance shoes that I need, rest I can manage. this pizza was delicious.

also, where is my skirt?! the one skirt that I knew would be here waiting for me and not stuck in a suitcase in an airport FOR EVER?


OMG MY BATHING SUIT IS IN THERE! I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE DANCE SHOES, I JUST WANT THE BATHING SUIT! also, I found all my skirts and knee socks here and it’ll be fine but I’m a little sad about no leggings (chub rub, ugh), also have almost enough of underwear. but, bathing suit!

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