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The Powder Room is soliciting applications for new writers. I've sent in some samples.

I'm a long-time reader and commenter, had my star back in the day. I posted under "Leftoverhill" for a long time, recently altered to Mmmleftovers.

I'm a 55-year-old person, which I believe puts me in the "old" category here, (but we are many, and we are strong) which doesn't make me any smarter than anyone here. It does, however, give me a certain amount of life experience. Kids, divorce, relationships, funerals and weddings, history, politics, addiction, abuse, tragedy, world travel, aging parents, financial worries, moving, remodeling, failure and success are all things that I and my peers have experienced personally by this time, and we have witnessed others up close experiencing and dealing with those things. We've had the opportunity to watch many things play out over time simply because we've lived longer, and I believe that gives people like us a sometimes unique and often useful perspective. We also, by this time, have a rich set of go-to friends for answers on subjects we know nothing about, and we have learned to ask them.


Everybody can use a mom now and then, but we don't all want to talk to our actual mothers all the time. This column could be a resource for people to access the personal experience of people who have lived through a lot and have a more long-term perspective on life.

So I'm proposing a column called ASK A CRONE. I would pledge to address problems with honesty, humor, sincerity and chicken soup. I do not pretend to be the source of all wisdom. I have fucked up a lot in my life and continue to do so. A lot of my feedback might be in the form of a cautionary tale. If I can't personally relate to a question, you can bet that I have a smart, kickass friend who could, and I'll ask them for input.

I really think this could be an asset. What do y'all think?

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