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I'm doing this on my phone during my lunch break, so I'm sorry for any formatting issues or over-concise wording that I'm absolutely sure is going to happen. Apparently I can't create new paragraphs either, and I'm sorry for that too. A friend of mine, we'll call him "R", just posted a link on Facebook regarding words that shouldn't be used in regards to the LGBTQ community, even by members of said community. R is a very outspoken gay man. R's friend, we'll call him "D", commented with a long rant about how "Trannies" shouldn't be included in this community, and the acronym should return back to LGB, and that the aforementioned "Trannies" were creating their own drama while mooching off the cause and adding nothing to it. R responded with surprise, and another individual pointed out that Trans peoples can also be lesbian, gay, or bi, and that D is ignorant. I want to respond, but I know I shouldn't. I want to be a good ally and gently express disagreement, but as I'm straight and cis, I know I have no business telling D, who's comment inferred he is a member of the LGBTQ community, what his community should or shouldn't be. But sitting back and saying nothing feels like complacency. I know as an ally that my primary job is to listen, but sometimes silence comes across as agreement. I'd really like to hear input from Trans and LGB alike on this.


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