So, there's this girl I know, and she's super fucking cool.

She likes all the things I like. She's a total geek, she's nice, and smart, and she is all around awesome.

My friends don't really think so, because she comes off as kinda cold, but she's just a bit socially awkward. I've listened to their complaints about her, and I disagree with them because everyone deserves a chance. And I found that she's a lot of fun!

She came over for my champagne party, which was like, "Oh my gosh, this has to be perfect because oh my god she's coming to my place to drink champagne oh my god!". So I was so stoked.

I have to give this girl her grad/birthday gift, and I really want to get lunch with her. But I feel like if I'm all "we should grab lunch!" she'd be all "well, maybe next time". I asked her if she wanted to get lunch recently, and that was the exact reply I got. Should I ask again?

I don't pick just anyone to be close friends with. I'm really friendly to everyone, but I consider her part of my 'inner circle' because she was in our art club (she graduated but is still in the area) and does amazing comic book art.


So, how do I become better friends with her? I'm having another party (soon, I hope), and I really want her and her boyfriend (he's a lot of fun too) to attend. I don't really know what to do! GT, I want your advice!