Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I want to create a personal repository of knowledge.

Alternate title: I am a big nerd.

So, as I read non-fiction books, both about my field and not, and articles about the garbage fire that is our current global and political situation, I want to keep all of that information somewhere. Because my brain is not going to hold it all, I know this. And I want to be able to quickly reference it when I am in conversations, or more likely, arguments on the internet. Plus, staying informed feels completely overwhelming when every article assumes some background knowledge that I just don’t have, since I spent college focused on international politics, not domestic. Basically, I am going on an 8th grade civics class and an AP gov class senior year that I mostly spent driving around town, eating sour patch kids and listening to the radio, and avoiding school.


Has anyone else done this? I’m planning to use OneNote, just because it’s free and accessible and doesn’t rely on the internet to work.

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