So I want to get my hair cut similar to these cuts:

Not sure what the real difference is other than the fact Selena Gomez's hair is wavier and her hair cut may have more layers? My hair would end up being about that wavy if I got it that short or even curlier. My face is fairly round so I think this cut would look good on me.

The only thing is: how do I maintain this? Gel? I am horrible at fussing with my hair unless I am going somewhere and feel like putting in the effort. My hair tends to frizz up and poof up at any time, and I have a lot of hair (not just length wise, but in thickness).


Tips? Thoughts?

Update: I'm definitely going for more of Selena's cut and look, but yeah do you think this cut will look good for someone with a rounder face and wavy/curly thick hair?