You know when you look at your closet, and you have so many things you could wear, but you just don’t like most of the things in it? I want to purge my closet. There’s just so much shit I have that I rarely wear, but it’s so hard for me to give them up. And I want to upgrade my wardrobe, but it’s not like I currently have lots of money to spend on getting new stuff. I’m going to go to Uniqlo today to buy some basics because that’s one thing I am always lacking on...I don’t have basic clothing. My closet is full of patterened/colorful/trendy things that get worn only once in a while. And I love Uniqlo, so it’s been my go-to. I’m probably also going to visit Ann Taylor Loft because I have a 50% off coupon.

So I guess I’d like to know how I can force myself to get rid of stuff that I clearly don’t need. I know people suggest doing things like lining up your hanger one way and putting them the opposite way when you wear something, and after a year, get rid of whatever clothes you haven’t worn, but I’ve always found myself justifying keeping stuff. So how do I get over this justification?!