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I Want to Get Something in Honor of My Cat

Not a memorial thing, my cat is alive and well!

Cat tax:


Next month, she will turn 14. Since I got her for my 14th birthday, I am approaching a point where I will have spent more of my life with this cat than without. I love her so much!

I had been casually thinking for a while that I would like to get a small cat-related tattoo on my wedding ring-finger, so it would kind of double as a wedding tattoo and would represent my first little family unit of me+husband+cat. I drew this on my finger in Sharpie yesterday:

Unfortunately, the internet and the man at the tattoo parlor have informed me that this is not really a workable spot for a tattoo. Bummer!

So then last night I spent a lot of time thinking about other places I could get the tattoo, but nothing else seemed right. I wouldn’t want anything really noticeable. But the most discreet places I’ve seen, like behind the ear, would mean I couldn’t really see it myself! I loved the idea of under the finger because no one would really notice it but I could still look at it whenever I want.


I then started thinking about maybe getting an anniversary band made to match my wedding set. I’m not sure how workable that is either though. It would need to be pretty thin to match my set (my bands are probably about 2 mm each) and I don’t know how doable it would be to like engrave or create paw prints or something on a band so skinny.

I’d love to hear ideas about alternative tattoo locations, ring designs, or anything else you have done or would think of doing in honor of a beloved pet! Or just share pictures of your cats :)

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