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I want to go to Europe- Teach a Poor how its done?

Hey Y'all. You're a cosmopolitan bunch. You're savvy, and happenin'.

I am not.

I have never been to Europe, and at 26, it's starting to make me feel like a huge scrub. My boyfriend lived in London for a year and toured around, even to Morocco on his ex's Dad's dime. He Fancy.
My family vacations involved driving across Canada from Victoria to Newfoundland because the 90s were the times of the gas wars when it went down to 30 cents a litre. And camping on the road-side. Upside: I can pee in front of passing cars like nobody's business and I know my expansive country really, really well. Downside: other than the US, the Dominican and technically France* I have never been outside of Canada.
I now have a job that has taken me from poor, to comfortable. I would have to save for about a year, as is the plan, but Europe could actually happen.


So here are my questions for the more experienced:

- Where should I go?
-How much money per week should I budget? (Obviously this depends on where I want to go, but the idea is hit the big cities: London, Paris etc. but spend more time in smaller places.) I would rather over-budget, than under-budget.
-Is there a city that is particularly cheap to fly into? What are the cheapest times to go?
-I want to go for about a month. So anyone know any good hostels or alternative crashing arrangements? Is couch-surfing safe in a lot of places? Well, as safe is it can be.
-Are there tips you wish you had known before going?
-What is over-rated and should be skipped?
-Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to go to Bruges?


I'm going to defer to my boyfriend on a lot of this because he is experienced. But he also did this on a much bigger bank-roll than I am comfortable with.
So, let me in on how it's done s'il-vous-plait?

Also here is a less offensive map that is kind of really neat!


I forgot to explain my asterisk! * I have been to St. Pierre and Miquelon, which are protectorates of France. So technically, France. Kind of. Sort of.

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