... but have no idea what to get a masters in.

Right now, there are two realistic options for me, based on my undergraduate degree. It's a hard choice, because at this point, once I pick one of these fields, there's a good chance that my long-term career will be based on the field.

So, almighty Groupthink, based on what you know about me and my personality, which would you suggest? Alternatively, do you have any pros/cons to add to my lists? HALP.

Option 1: Masters in Information Sciences Management


  • In my current job field
  • Employer might help pay for this degree
  • Would probably do okay at this career


  • In my current job field
  • I'm not sure I want to be a manager

Option 2: Masters in Developmental Psychology


  • Had I not switched majors in undergrad, I'd have a pysch minor
  • Psychology is fascinating towards me
  • I've taken a grad-level developmental psych class before and loved it (and did well in it)
  • Have taken over 24 credit hours in psych classes in undergrad, so I have a background in the subject



  • Not in my current job field
  • Employer unlikely to help pay for the classes
  • Not sure about post-graduation employment opportunities