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I want to light my computer on fire.

I probably shouldn't since it would take me forever to rebuild it. Can I even get another 3930 K chip?

And it seems like a waste of 64 gigs of RAM when I'm only mad at software for not linking up like it's supposed to.

Because I have a personality that makes software cry and After Effects is not pleased with over 1700 imported 3D lights. Most people only need 3 lights. Most people are not doing what I need to get done in the next 3 weeks.


Talk me down guys before I kick my computer down the hill and into the river. I obviously don't have time for that.

Update: I laughed. I had some ham. And I put that computer a mile away from me behind a steal door, so it's safe from my terrors. I'm gonna try to get some sleep and attack my file problems with fangs in the morning.

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