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"I want to make sure people can see it."

Last night Le Hubs and I went to Noodles for some quick dinner. At the end of our dining experience, a couple came into the restaurant and the male half of the couple proudly proclaimed, "The party's here now!" He indicated said "party's" presence with his thumbs, lest anyone be confused as to who "the party" might be.

He and Female Half sat down at a table near us, and I couldn't help but notice female half, approximately 45 years old, acting like a petulant child, so I did my best to look away, because if, in fact, she had some handicap I wasn't privvy to, I did not want to judge. After throwing a tantrum, she skipped around the restaurant, like a happy child.

During Female Half's skipping spree, Mr. Waffle abandoned me at the table to go get more soda. Male Half took it upon himself to strike up a conversation with me, asking how my life is going. "Fine," I said. "I'm good." It was at this point I feared he'd launch into a "come to Jesus" speech.


He attempted to direct my attention to a sign hung from the back of his Jeep in the parking lot. This was the first time I was thankful for my deteriorating vision, as I could not read it from inside the restaurant (dark outside, tinted and shaded windows, and my poor vision colluded to preserve my sanity). When Mr. Waffle returned and I announced we should go, Male Half implored us to check out the sign on the back of his car. "I took a lot of time making it, I want to be sure people will see it." We promised we'd look.

Mr. Waffle took the picture. I gave Male Half a thumbs-up from the parking lot as he waited excitedly for our verdict.

Then we got in the car and laughed until we cried.

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