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I want to petition to prosecute the racist officer who cut off Charda Gregory's hair.

Please DO NOT Mainpage (yet).

I read Burt's story on the Jez mainpage titled Cops Caught On Camera Restraining Black Woman And Cutting Off Her Hair. After, I did a little googling and it looks like there's no criminal prosecution slated for the officer, Bernadette Najor. While she's been fired (rightly) and it looks like — to me, anyway — Gregory is going to win a civil suit, I don't think that's enough.


When I described what I wanted (originally) to do to The Monarch he said, "You want to petition for the officer to be prosecuted for assault? That's not assault, that's TORTURE." He has a damn good point. People shouldn't be fired for torture, they should be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Especially if the torture is so obviously a hate crime, as this was.

To sum up the situation, for those unfamiliar: Charda Gregory went out and had a few drinks, then suddenly blacked out. She woke up in a strange trashed hotel room, and assumed she had been drugged and likely raped, so called the police. When the police showed up, they arrested her instead of taking her to the hospital to investigate/document the rape. Then, at the jail, Najor assaulted Gregory, tied her down to a chair, and forcibly starting cutting off her hair against her will. Najor finished by yanking out what was left of Gregory's weave, pulling out chunks of her hair by the roots. Gregory now has bald spots. Reference One. Reference Two.

I want to start a Change.org petition to have ex-officer Bernadette Najor criminally prosecuted. I went to start doing that, assuming I'd be petitioning the District Attorney who handles Warren, MI ... but I can't figure out who that is! I've been to the government websites for the 37th District Court (handles Warren), the State Court of MI, and the City's government site, to no avail. What am I not seeing?

To be honest, I'm surprised there isn't a petition going already. I have a (bad) feeling that there's some law loophole that prevents Najor from being criminally prosecuted. I feel like if there is such a loophole, it should be superseded for acts of torture and for hate crimes, for obvious reasons.

I don't normally believe that people should be used as "examples," but in this case, Najor is a perfect example of grotesque racism and police brutality, and the case itself is too perfect an example of systemic racism and abuse to not appeal for prosecution.


Incidentally, I'm pretty fucking pissed that every news outlet in the world seems to be plastering the VICTIM's face — though I understand sharing the video, what's with presenting her as a criminal by sharing her mugshot? — so here's a face shot of the ACTUAL criminal, Najor:


Can you guys help me figure out who exactly to petition?


ETA: A thousand thanks for everyone's help and support! I've created a new post calling for people to sign the petition, which is on Change.org HERE.

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