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I want to punch everything (a statistics post)

Only Robert Downey Jr. can express my feelings on statistics right now.

I posted this on SNS last night, but I still want to strangle my textbook.

So, basically, I'm not getting a few concepts (how to find the correlation coefficient using standard deviation then z-scores then the correlation coefficient equation, even though I found an easier way on the internets but I can't use it). I know the equations, but it's just, like, why so many useless steps? If some of my statistician Jezzies wanna holla at your girl, I'd like that. I'm just so frustrated. I tried to do my homework yesterday, but I kept getting wonky results. So I re-read the chapter. And realized I TOOK THE WRONG NOTES! Also, the professors powerpoints don't really help. Waste of printer paper and ink. So I am soooooo confused.


And also, I would like to register a complaint to the author of my textbook. Sure, he pretty much spells it out, but-THE SCATTERPLOTS MAKE NO SENSE. They could make sense. But the problem is that my estimates of the values of the points are always wrong. The plot x and y values are in very small print, and hard to read. Also, there is no indication of a pattern of intervals, and if there is, it doesn't make sense. Because how can you estimate the value of a number on an axis when you don't know the freaking number because you are estimating because it's not printed!?! And that is probably why, despite my efforts, I keep getting the wrong answer.

So I essentially have to spend the day-and this will take 5 hours, give or take-doing my homework again. Plus, I did the practice midterm, and I failed it. I just don't get what the words are saying, or percentiles. Oh, and I have an online quiz that's due Tuesday, but I have to go over everything with my tutor so I can get a better grade. I just get so flustered.


I need to nail these concepts. Because shits getting real, and there are 3 weeks left in the class. At least I have my tutor twice this week, plus a meeting with the professor. And I get a double sided, 8.5 x 11 cheat sheet for the midterm. So, looking at the possible upside. I just want a decent grade on my midterm. I need to get a C or above in the class, because it would knock out another requirement, so I can graduate on time.

So take this author of my textbook:


Edit: Thank you for all the great advice/commiseration/encouragement. I'm doing my homework right now, and it's going pretty good!

Edit 2: Done with my homework! And all set up for the week. Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate everything :D

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