So there are a lot of things I've been meaning to post about for awhile (like my trip to Jamaica that I've been back from for over a month...), one of which was this: While we were in Jamaica with my husband's boss, we found out that he was definitely being sent to the UK for 3 weeks for work.

His boss said this was DEFINITELY happening and the dates were finalized and even sent us the information for the awesome hotel he stayed at when he went a couple years ago and told us to BOOK IT RIGHT THEN.

I'm in grad school with a very part time job for the summer and was planning on looking for another part time job when we got back. However, I decided not to since I was going to be out of town so much (I already had 5 day trip to visit friends planned, plus a week long family reunion. I was never going to go with him for the full 3 weeks, but was planning on 10-12 days). I have never been to Europe and I was really excited. I told EVERYONE. I made plans with my parents to drive the 6 hours to their house and drop off my dog.

The only reason I didn't buy a flight myself, was that I refused to do it until Mr. Peachy's company had bought him one....the days went on and on...and they never did. Things were always "being finalized" with the higher ups. Finally about a week or so ago, he told me they were talking about changing it to August....and then this morning he found out it was going to be just one week in July. It's only 3 weeks away and tickets are now twice what they were when I looked them up originally.

I'm just so pissed right now because his boss was so insistent that this was really happening (it probably doesn't help since his boss gave his 2 weeks notice the day we got back from Jamaica. Mr. Peachy told him what has been happening with the trip and he insists that if he had stayed a week longer, he'd still be going for the original 3 weeks). I didn't find another job because of it. I can still look, but buy the time I actually get hired, the summer will almost be over and I'll probably have to quit since classes will be starting up again and it would be difficult to balance two jobs and my courses. Plus, I WAS REALLY FUCKING EXCITED.

I know they were sending Mr. Peachy there to work, not so his wife could have a fun vacation with a free hotel, but I'm ad on his behalf too. He is worried a week won't be enough time to get the work done. They said they are cutting it short so he can do the work he has to do here, but Mr. Peachy said he will be able to complete that project in a couple days. So now he gets to do 3 weeks of work in just one, with very little sleep. Hooray!


So yeah, [company's name], I'll be mentally punching you in the face until further notice.