Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I want to start a blog!

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Literally every person on the face of the planet has a blog except for me. And I have Ideas you guys! I want to scream those Ideas into the void!! I want my blog to be about two things, and two things only- yarn(and yarn based projects) and homemade ice cream recipes(which I make myself). I have entire series of ice creams, like the Hogwarts Houses scoops. I want to discuss yarns, expensive and cheap, and play with weird ass granny square and funky color combos online. Hell, maybe I'll even get a couple of readers.


So- where is a good place to begin a blog? What blog places have you used that you have liked, and how did you go about giving it personality? Also, I need ideas for a bloggy name- something that incorporates yarn and ice cream and fuck, I guess whimsy? I had originally thought about Tied Up and Iced Down- but that sounds a bit porny. Same with String and Cream. A friend suggested Loop and Swirl which I kind of like- but I figured I'd run it by you guys- you guys are smart. Please help!!

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