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I want to throw something GAHHH

So my boss pulled me into a trap. This morning, she asked me what I was doing tonight. I said that I didn't know and didn't think I had plans because I thought she might need me to stay a little longer for work. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO HONEST?! She's a family friend. So she asked if I could babysit her son and her son's friends (who I also know). Their usual babysitter (her older son's girlfriend) has plans tonight.

NO I DON'T WANT TO SPEND MY FRIDAY NIGHT BABYSITTING after a long week of work. Especially with the fact that I'll be in my work scrubs, don't know how to handle little boys, and I just don't want to freaking do this.

I feel obligated to do this because she's my boss/family friend. But I just want to go home and relax. I feel selfish. But I just don't want to. She asked me to think about it, so I might just say no, my boyfriend wants to go out for dinner or something like that.


I'M SO DUMB. And irrationally angry, I know.

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