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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I lost my 15 year old fur baby (sorry, I know some people cringe at that term but that's what he was- my furry baby) this past January. He lived a super long and awesome life, full of cuddles and kisses and being spoiled beyond belief. He has been the great love of my life and I miss him every. single. day. I miss the sound of his snorts (chihuahua...) and his snuggles and his big beautiful eyes. Love. Just...so much love for that little guy.

I have been kinda aching for the company of a dog for the last 3 months though. I love my cat, but I always grew up with dogs and I connect with them on a whole different level. They feel more human to me, somehow. So I have been perusing petfinder for about a month in search of a new furry companion. I keep coming back to this pug/chihuahua (MY TWO FAVORITE BREEDS!) mix:

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How fucking CUTE is she? She was found wandering the streets with no tags and nobody ever claimed her and she was apparently in bad condition :( It sounds as if she is in a temporary home right now due to her being really freaked out my shelter life and some kind soul being awesome enough to foster her. The shelter she is associated with says she's a great fit for single people (ME!) and gets along well with other domesticated animals such as cats (WIN!). She's also not quite house trained but I'm convinced I can remedy that. I have a large fenced in yard for fur babies to play and run and poop in. And I just LOVE her.

I finally sent off the email to request an adoption application for her. I also asked if it were possible to meet her and spend a bit of time seeing if we "click". I'm really hoping that they email me back.


So...I'm really just posting this to make you all squeal with the "DAWWWW CUUUUTEEEE". But also, I want you to cross your fingers for me so that I can meet this beautiful baby and see if we fall in love. And also? I've never rescued a dog from a shelter before. My 15 year old Chi came from a barn, was the only dog in the litter and was given to me for free because his owner was an alcoholic who didn't want him (his name was Buddy when I got him because the owner used to feed him Budweiser beer...). But I have no experience with shelter dogs. Can any of you tell me what to expect?

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