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But Kinja won't let me. Lately Kinja won't let me post photos from my iPad.

Turns out a guy I went to elementary school is an antivaxxer. I found out after I reposted an image where a Doctor said he would not take patients whose parents refused to vaccinate them or wanted to deviate from the standard schedule without a medical reason.

First he started arguing that there is no evidence that thimerosal doesn't cause autism.


I pointed out that yes in fact there is, and the most compelling evidence is that thimerosal is not found in routine childhood vaccinations in North America anymore.

Then he started going on about how we don't know what is causing the increase in autism. I pointed out that there is good evidence that the so called increase is just the fact that people who in the past might have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities or various mental illnesses are now being diagnosed with autism.

Then he started talking about how he would rather his child caught a minor disease like measles than spend their life in a psychiatric hospital.

I pointed out that most people with autism don't live in psychiatric hospitals.


This sent him off on a tangent about how we give kids shots instead of letting their immune systems learn how to fight disease. Then he went on a rant about people lining up to get flu shots to avoid the "vomits and scoots".

I responded that vaccines actually teach the immune system how to fight disease, and that influenza doesn't cause "vomits and scoots" because it is a respiratory disease.


He seems to have gone quiet now. The ignorance on display is breath taking. It makes me laugh, because when we were kids, this guy's Dad was convinced that this guy and his brothers were gifted.

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