So, yesterday I went to my weekly club meeting, and this guy I absolutely hate (and made out with, which I regret) showed up. He never shows up.

Reasons I loathe him: he's a total sleazy player, he talks with a fake british accent (NOT SEXY), and he commits blasphemy against some of my favorite movies (like Iron Man)-in that he talks very loud about them and is usually wrong-and feels like he has to be the smartest person in the room. Also he sexually harasses all the girls in the club, which I do not stand for. Seriously, every girl has a story about how he inappropriately has hit on them. Including me. Not cool.

So, I did what I usually do when I'm backed into a corner (well, short of fighting tooth and nail to get out of said corner). I smiled my fake smile, my voice went up, and I said "well, isn't it nice to see you too!", and he has the nerve to touch me! Just on my shoulder, but still. It was without my consent. When I saw him drive up, I started shaking and had anxiety. And I avoided him, and gave him my robot ice stare.

I basically started talking to a girl in the club who completely agreed with me. Spent the entire time outside spray painting. I was so pissed and couldn't stand hearing him. He was hitting on another girl who left early-touching her arm, etc.-and I wanted to rush over and get her outside with me. But I didn't.

But now I want to apologize! I'm a person that wouldn't be mean on purpose, and I have a lot of guilt. I also don't want to, because he calls me a stupid nickname and tries to message me a lot. I ignore him, but still. I have the need to say sorry for my actions, because I don't like being a 'bitch', even though I was protecting myself.

Should I apologize? I mean, the making out part was my fault-well, I was kinda pressured into it, but since I said yes I feel like I have no right to blame anyone but myself-so I just don't know. What do I do?