I got called into the HR office today. Turns out the sexually harassing coworker decided to take revenge on me. He mentioned some conversation my coworkers were having, months ago, about a guy that works in sales to the guy that they were talking about. This sales guy is known to take even very small issues to HR, so he turned all of us in to HR. I don't tend to participate in my coworkers' gossip - it happens daily here and I tend to stay in my cubicle and ignore it - but I think I remember the conversation they're talking about. It is known around the office - maybe not by management, but by most of us -that this guy does drugs and has even brought weed into the office. My one coworker was saying something about it and I mentioned that another person who used to work with us had told me this guy had offered him cocaine. In retrospect, I probably should not have said that, but it was between my coworkers, my boss was out of the office, and these are people who all gossip about our coworkers all the time. I explained everything to our HR person, including that my sexually harassing coworker was obviously trying to punish me for telling my boss what he did, because this conversation happened forever ago. Like seriously months and months ago. Welllllll....now HR knows about the sexual harassment. I didn't want to involve them, because I don't want my coworker to be fired - legitimate or not, but if I get someone fired I will be totally paranoid that they'll stalk/threaten me or take revenge in some way. Our HR person was very nice and understood where I was coming from about not wanting to fire him, but now she's involved our CEO and I don't know what's going to happen.

Guys, I'm kind of scared. I hope this was a good idea.