Just came back from the psychiatrist. She's not doping me up on hardcore meds.

She's putting me on 10 mg of Citalopram (anti-depressant, better known as Celexa) and 25 mg of Lamictal (mood stabilizer/anti-convulsant). The lowest available dosages of each and basically the most gentle medications of their kind.

I was actually supposed to go on Lamictal a long time ago for my seizures but I never did. That's a medication that's used for kids, and my doctor gave me a script for it after Dilantin and Trileptal wreaked havoc on my body. But I was so jaded by that point I never took it.

She said it'll take up to a month to feel effects, and if I have any side effects to call her. She said she'll probably up the dose of the Lamictal in a month since 25 mg usually doesn't do much, she mostly wants to see how I react to it first. But she also said if I come back in a month and am like "I feel great!" she's not going to change the dosage.

And neither will fuck with my birth control which is awesome. And I can drink on them! The conversation about alcohol was amusing.

Me: So...can I drink alcohol on these?

Doctor: You really shouldn't be drinking since you had seizures.

Me: *blank stare*

Doc: Just saying!

Me: Ok. But hypothetically speaking if I drink on these pills...?

Doc: *Sigh. You'll be fine. You can drink on them.

I have to take one pill a day, and she said it's better if I take them at night and to take them like two hours apart, and eat something small with them like a banana or something.


I ain't getting my hopes up yet cuz I won't know how they affect me until I try them. But this is definitely a better outcome than her being like "here's some Prozac and Lithium." I don't have to do blood tests or anything on these medications which is also fantastic. I hope they work well!