yesterday was my anniversary with other-husband. 5 years! still amazes me it lasted more than 3 months. i never in a million years thought we'd still be together after this long (for those who don't know, there is a 10 year age gap... i'm 33, he's 23.) i also never thought i'd be as happy as i am with my life. all good things!

so, anyway, yesterday, he took me out for lunch at a new Japanese restaurant in town. they have a huge menu, plus a whole menu of Chinese food, AND a section of "American" food like steaks and burgers. after debating for like, 15 minutes (we're bad enough under normal circumstances, but that many options... oy.), we decided to try their sushi for 2 dinner. he got an Asahi beer, and i had a Tsingtao (something i've never tried before), and we both got miso soup (something else new).

the sushi arrived arranged very prettily on the deck of a large wooden ship. 2 each of 9 kinds, including: octopus, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, mackerel, salmon, and eel (the only cooked one). i can't remember what the others were. there was also 6 pieces of an Alaska roll.

i tried the eel, the Alaska roll, the salmon, yellowfin, snapper, and 1 other. i can honestly say that i gave it a fair try, but raw sushi is just not for me. i have 2 issues with it. 1) the pieces are huge and since it's not good etiquette to cut or bite them in half, i have a hard time with this. the sheer size of the mouthful is enough to make me gag. we took some home, and cut them in half, and that solved this problem but 2) the strange mushy-but-not-mushy texture of the raw fish is... strange and unappealing. i didn't mind the rolls, partly because they were much smaller, and i actually liked the eel one,but the rest... no, thank you.

other-husband is disappointed that i don't like one of his favourite things, but i told him that the next time we go there, he can get all the raw sushi he wants and i'll be perfectly happy with the cooked stuff. he has the added advantage of me not stealing a bite off his plate!