Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Update: Thanks every one for all your kind words. It really cheered me up. Didn't sleep great last night but today is a new day! I'm off to my mum's and there's much alcohol and sympathy there. Merry Christmas to you all!!

They took my ps3, wallets, my boyfriends new coat, half a bottle of VODKA!! Which is a really cunty move because what you need after being burgled is a fucking Drink. They may have also taken antidepressants, but we can't look too hard because of disturbing the scene. Antidepressants aren't even FUN! They'll fuck you up if you don't need them. I sort of hope they do take some. They are going to be a hassle to get more of before christmas. CSI or somsome shit are downstairs right now, but I'm hiding like a wuss because I'm still shaken up. I'm surprised they didn't take the bottle of srachia on the table.


The worst thing though, the absolute worst thing is that I left the front door unlocked! That's how they got in! I never EVER leave it unlocked. Seriously, fuck me and my life! Apparently the same thing happened to house down the street but there they stole all the kids presents from under the tree. That's fucking cold. Weirdly, although the ps3 is by far the most significant thing take it's the one I'm least angry about. The other stuff feels fucking malicious salt in the wound shit. I want to kick the robbers in the taint and squeeze sriacia in their eyes, in summary.

Thanks, sorry about grammar/ coherance

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