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I was called a stupid bitch by a middle aged man today

Still on strike in Toronto. The university is still refusing to negotiate with the union, even though we presented them with a new proposal Friday. They made the idiotic decision to resume all classes today at the discretion of instructors, so picket lines have to deal with massive traffic. Increased traffic means more waiting which means more angry drivers.

We had two cars of undergrads yelling "fuck you," waving middle fingers and honking in line today. I'm talking to the waiting cars to give them updates on the strike and tell them how long they'll wait. I took pictures of the license plates of these cars in case they got aggressive or hurt someone on their way through the picket line. The girls in the second car then got out, approached me and started yelling at me and demanding my phone, telling me I had no right to take a photo of their license plate. I just stood my ground and asked them to get back in their car, which they eventually did.


Later, a middle aged man was honking non-stop in line and yelling. I walked by him to see if I could calm him, but he called me a stupid bitch, at which point I walked away. He kept harassing me until a police cruiser rolled up and he shut right up.

These are just two of several really demeaning encounters I and other picketers had today. I just needed to get it out because it's stressing me out a bit.

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