Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was Debbie-Downer'ed

This is new. I told my boyfriend about an amazing job opportunity that I'm seriously contemplating applying for. It's pretty much what I do right now, for free, and I would get extra powers. Plus, I'd get paid for it! Win-win, right?

Apparently, I shouldn't get my hopes up, because it's really demanding and I might burn out, and do I even know how much it pays? Plus, you know, it's an American company paying you in USD so the IRS is gonna want its cut even though I'm Canadian and live in Canada (which sounds hinky, to me. Why would I pay American income taxes when I don't live there and I'm not a citizen?) Anyway, I shouldn't quit my day job.


Blerf. He's never done stuff like that for any of the other harebrained schemes and jobs I've tried. Why is he getting all hissy now?

*Sigh* Boyfriends can be special, sometimes.

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