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I was eating something awesome then saw a stomach churning book cover

Is was at BJs Wholesale. I went to the snack counter and ordered an Oreo Churro and a Diet Pepsi which I filled myself. Let me just say it was awesome and the inside was all gooey.

So I browsed around. The cup of diet pepsi in one hand, yes it had a cover and the oreo churro in the other hand. So then I saw it the most stomach churning book cover ever.


What in every single Gods’ name is this. What brain mush are we giving young folk? I thought Newt Gingrich history books were a bad idea but thIs. I suspect Gingrich was probably more respectful to history. Ugh it so destroyed my enjoyment of the oreo churro. Which was sooooooooooooo good until this point. They bake them so it was fresh.

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