But I realized that I'm actually going to enjoy the Republican party autocannibalize in a bigoted ideological frenzy.

Fuck it. I just wish they wouldn't be so long and painful in the dying, and I even feel sorry for those who would profoundly benefit from progressive policies but nevertheless vote Republican on moral or thinly-veiled racist grounds. Their base is aging, and the only galvanized wing of their party stymies any attempt to reach out to moderates, hispanics, women, young people, and pretty much every social group that isn't white males with inferiority issues, the enablers or apologists for the same, or impossibly wealthy plutocrats.

I'm done with reasonableness; I'm done with compromise. At this point I hope that they remember that there are only two tragedies in life: the first is not getting what you want, the second is getting it. Part of me hopes that they do get what they want, just so they can see how terrible their nihilistic, self-destructive worldview is in practice.