About my upcoming trip to Belize

But considering current events,
I thought I might wait,
let things settle...
a bit.

I thought I might wait,
but I can't.
I know it looks bad,
(considering current events)
but my boyfriend did this for me;
me, and only me,
(can you believe it?)

We are going away, Groupthink,
just him and me.
And thanks to your generosity,
we have enough money to get from here
to the bus...

And from there...

to Belize (he told me)

Thank you, Groupthink
(I am real, not fake girlfriend)

In the beginning, I never beli(zed?)eved he could convince you all.
But he showed me,
he really did...
My exemplary, wonderful, brave, strong boyfriend.
(TBH though I gave him lots of good ideas about what he should be posting.)


Years ago, I asked him, "Why are you doing this?"
And he replied, "For you, love. For you."
"...How can I help?"
"Just be there," he said. "Stay... There. Stay. ..Staaaaay..."

I left him to his subterfuge, always wondering, Is it worth it?

Weeks turned to months turned to years and I confronted him once again, "My love, after all these years... Are we finally free? Have we extorted enough from the Groupthink fund to make lives for ourselves in a strange new place, some place like... Belize?"


To which my love responded, "Almost, my love. These feminists have to understand, my dove... They think they are good people. People who try to help people are not good people, dove."

He is wise, this man of mine.

Definitely real,
not fake,
(on the way to Belize!)

not fake girlfriend