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I was in pain, but

wine found me.

I let the fucking trunk hood/lid/gate (I'm unsure of the appropriate term) fall on my fucking back today, y'all. A flood was coming, and I flung the...thing up. It didn't catch, and as I leaned in to get the umbrella, the...thing fell on my goddamn fucking back. The pain. Oh, my dear dead great uncle's stepsister, the pain.

Instead of going back in and crying on my bed, I had to take the kids to Disney on Ice and then to see that fucking fat dude who likes having kids sit on his knee and demand toys. What is his damage? Sigh. The things we do to keep those little brats happy just because they carry half of our genes.


Now, I am endrunkened. The pain has decidedly lessesned, but I want to be certain that it is frightened of the alcohol content of my blood. So... Refill!

Moral of the story: Leaning in is for the DEVIL.

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