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I've been at school since 6 AM. I had a cookie at like 5:45. The cafeteria opened at 8, so I headed down from my secret study place to get some food. Looked at my "breakfast" options and realized I wasn't in the mood for eggs and bacon and all that stuff. So I went to the gourmet sandwich bar and waited for someone to help me. Finally, someone emerged from the back. She asked if I was waiting for a sandwich, I said YEP! And she told me it was too early to eat a sandwich. TOO EARLY TO EAT A SANDWICH?! In what world is it ever too early for a delicious sandwich with fresh turkey breast, all the veggies and cranberry sauce on fresh sourdough? I refuse to conform to arbitrary breakfast expectations. This is a place of higher learning. We must accept everyone's breakfast preferences or risk failing our learned predecessors who fought so valiantly for our right to choose.

Did I mention I've been up since 5?


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