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So I do a college radio show, and the guy who comes after me is this awkward, weird, immature guy who's a little overweight and has always given me the creeps. Today he was entering and exiting the broadcast studio while I was on the air, which makes an audible noise on the mic. I asked him to be a little quieter, and he blew me off about it since "the guys who come after [him] come and go all the time while [he's] on mic".

"Okay, well, could you please not?" I replied. He sullenly said that he wasn't TRYING to exit loudly, and I repeated something to the effect of "Well, yeah, but could you not?"

And then he got so angry that he raised his hand and hit one of the spare microphones hard enough that the foam topper flew off, and then he told me to go fuck myself and stormed out of the studio, intentionally trying to slam the door (and failing, as it's on hydraulics).


It's been nearly two hours since this happened, and I'm still shaky and rattled and feel so fucking awful. I managed to make it out of the studio with a straight face (and I even told the guy that his reaction was not okay), but I burst into tears as soon as I was out of the building. I immediately sent an email to the station manager asking for a meeting to discuss it.

I am so fucking angry that this person made me feel so vulnerable in a place that normally holds so much joy for me. He is easily three times my size; I was trapped alone and cornered in a room with someone who proved to have an incredibly short and violent temper. I don't feel fucking safe going back there next week. THAT IS SO NOT FUCKING OKAY. GOD DAMN IT.

There's no way this is going to end easily, either. This guy will get talked to and he'll know why. And then we'll have to deal with each other every single Saturday from now onwards. I don't know what will be. I know the right thing to do is to speak up and I plan to do it but I also know that this is not going to be fun.

EDIT: I left this part out, but I feel...argh. So while I was packing up and he was sitting down to start his show, I said "I apologize for my tone, but not for what I asked. But you should know that your response was not okay."


And he snapped back "More power to you, I wouldn't apologize either", which I have no idea what he's exactly talking about.

I'm glad I had the presence of mind not to apologize fully, but I regret even apologizing for my tone. I did it because I anticipated that he may say I yelled at him or something (as I said, he gives me the creeps and I asked him professionally but definitely cooly), but I shouldn't have had to apologize. It doesn't fucking matter how I said it.


I have a musical guest next weekend, so I will have someone with me. And after I eat some dinner I am going down to the gym where I plan to work out some of my rage on the elliptical machine.

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