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Since I got a decent machine, I feel unstoppable! I finished my little quilt, which had taken me over a year to do half of and then I finished the other half in two nights. :O

Then, the other night, I planned the quilt top of my Christmas quilt and the next night sewed it all up. In one night! Now I need to do the actual quilting (awaiting batting, coming in the post!). (terrible phone pic, sorry)


Last night I finally sat down and worked out how to make the quilt top for my friend's babby's Christmas gift. We're not really gift people, so nothing's expected, but I figure baby child deserves it! What I'm particularly proud of is that this is my first quilt top that isn't made of pre-cut pieces, and not only that, but I also had no idea how I was going to cut and arrange things so I just jumped in and did it and figured it out as I went along. And I have to say, I'm very proud! I did *all* the arranging, cutting, and sewing last night! (another terrible phone pic)

(ETA I spent like 3 weeks looking a pics on google/flickr/etsy/etc of quilts in the various fabrics in this line to get ideas but couldn't get a thing. I found them all very messy and with way way too much going on, so I truly did make my own little simple arrangement from scratch. I'm extra proud of it!)

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