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I was skeptical, but this pays for itself!

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I had my doubts that I would use compressed dry sheet masks very often, but now I don’t think I ever want to run out of stock. Quality sheet mask serums are expensive AF, why not make the most of them?


Compressed sheet mask tablets come in bulk bags and are about the size of a nickel or a tablet of Tums. I originally bought them to use with my Hada Labo lotion, because it’s most effective when placing wet tissue paper over the lotion for a few minutes. But I’m super lazy and very clumsy ( I sat down too fast with a plate of latkes this morning and got applesauce all over my shirt like a messy baby), so sheet masks shaped as face cut outs takes care of the placement for me.

The texture isn’t going to be comparable to a fancy biocellulose mask, it’s more like a sturdier Kleenex or cheap cotton cut in a face shape. Although I do like that they have these funny little eyelid flaps, so you can actually move the flaps down over your eyes if you want to use it to relax during your masking time. Otherwise you can flip them up like Dwyane Wayne glasses and they’ll stay on your eyebrows.


But I’ve found they’re also damn useful for cost saving! I like the nightly ritual of a sheet mask, but I’m also not rich. So instead I soak a mask in warm water, apply my humectant to my face, and place this over it so the humectant has something to draw from. And you know how pre-packaged sheet masks come with so much serum in the bag that it drips all over the place? I know some beauty bloggers decant those into containers to use up, but most people I know just kinda try to spread it all over their bodies to not waste it. Instead of being all goopy, stick a tablet in a ziplock bag and pour in the excess sheet mask liquid. Double or triple the sheet masks for a fraction of the cost! Not to mention all of the home masking recipes online, this will keep it all in place.

One thing I do not recommend is trying to soak the sheet masks in your existing bottled serum (unless you’re trying to use up the stuff you can’t reach) because it does take a lot more than what you usually apply by hand to get the sheet to expand. So in the end, you’d just be losing pricey serum and not getting as much out of it because it’s trapped in the tissue.


I spent twice as much as I could have because I found this link for 100 tablets for $5. I know this is needless shilling, I’m just so excited about these dang masks!

What things have you been reluctant about lately that turned out to be worth every penny?

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